What Radio?

Who are we?

Be the Change Radio was started by a close group of musicians. We all strongly believe that jobs and other forms of slavery are not a thing of the future. The future is about open and free communication, independence, love and harmony. With these core values, we setup this unique and fresh radio station so that under its umbrella, the vast Indie talent in our country can unite and attain a platform unlike any other. We are here to stay and trust us when we say "This is just the beginning"

Our Vision

BC Radio's vision is to be a pioneering change agent in the disruptively growing landscape of non mainstream music in the country and to carve out a new niche 'mainstream' for this vast talent while always preserving their rights as musicians and attempting to curb piracy of their content.

So what is BC Radio?

The Online Face of the Underground Scene

There's a movement brewing amongst the young and creative energies in the nation. People have a thirst to express themselves and get heard. BC Radio will give the opportunity to showcase this talent through its technologically apt platform.

A Place to Meet Like-Minded People?

Tired of having inane discussions about the music your colleagues listen to all the time? Tired of mainstream media hijacking original thought and expression? Tired of your musician friends selling out to make more "sell-able" music rather than the wonderful stuff they made back in the day? Well, at BC Radio, you can express yourself and find similar people who feel the same way. Music is something that touches us in ways we cannot describe, and strikes a chord which never dies down. Find people with similar tastes, discover new music and realize that your country truly is a cultural hub.

The Band Consultants

Are you in a band? Need opportunities to do some gigs or want to find avenues to market your content online? BC Radio will soon offer a huge plethora of services (a complete spectrum) to help you! We're spreading our vast network of affiliates even more to ensure that we have the right people to address all your problems.

What can BC Radio do for you?

For Artists

BC Radio gives you a way to share your music, a way to get it heard by the masses. Most amateur, independent artists have neither the resources nor the time to market their music effectively. And music sale revenues hardly make up for marketing costs.

We at BC Radio feel that, as an indie artist, it is more important to get your music to those who would appreciate it, than worry about immediete financial returns. (If money is your goal, you probably shouldn't be an indie musician to begin with!). Let us get your music heard accross the country via our no-nonsense web interface, which has been specifically engineered to get people to DISCOVER music and go out of their bubbles.

For Seekers of Good Music

As we mentioned above, BC Radio has been engineered to get you to discover new music. If you're here, we're going to make absolutely sure that you hear something you've never heard before, by a band the existence of which would most likely not be known to you. We have bands hailing from places you've never been, making music you've never heard, sometimes in languages that you do not speak!

India's a much bigger, diverse and young country than you can possibly imagine! Young people all over are making music for the joy of it, for the need of it. Professionals are taking breaks from their careers to make music, to get their creative energies out. Wizened old men are taking to the old instruments in their houses to show this newer generation what real music was all about and slap them in the face with some chord tensions. Yes, it's a great time to be Indian. But you'll never know if you never explore!

For Venue Owners

Venues, pubs, halls, commercial avenues - get your target audience where you want it! Post your upcoming events and let people select their pick through our easy-to-use interface and embellish your month with some musical events! This feature coming soon!