Get in touch

BC Radio loves to hear your opinion and feedback in order to make the BC experience better for everyone! We're just like you - restless, young and multi-instrumentalists! Don't be afraid to send feedback via the "feedback" button on our website, or send a mail to!

Getting your music up

It's super easy! Just send your mp3s to with high-res artwork and your declaration that you're fine with us using the given music and artwork. Send us song names and your facebook page link as well!


For Artist and Media-related Enquiries

Our main artist man Kaustub Pandey is always at your disposal. Drop him a mail at or call him at +91 90296 71216.

For Business related enquiries

Kritin Joshi's the guy you want. Shoot him a mail at or call him at +91 90040 30676.

For General Enquiries

Want a song taken down? Want to report a bug? Want to tell us what you think of the site? Want to tell us about a legendary band you heard that needs more attention? Dhruv Joshi's always ready to lend an ear. Send him a mail at or give him a call at +91 99722 38220.