BC Radio Privacy Policy

Information provided by you

You need not provide us with any personal information in order to access bcradio.in. However, certain services do require that you register for a BC Radio® account and, by doing so, you will provide us with certain personal information:

Essential Information : When you register any kind of BC Radio account, you will need to provide your email address and choose a password. In addition.

Profile Information: You may choose, at your discretion, to provide additional information for your public profile on BC Radio® – such as:

Your real name

A user name (which may be your real name or a pseudonym)

The city and country in which you live

A profile picture or avatar

None of this profile information is mandatory, and any information you do provide may be deleted, edited, changed or amended by you at any time. For more information, see the Choice and Control section below.

Information from Correspondence: You will provide certain personal information if you contact us by email, use any of the webforms on the Website, or contact us by mail, fax or other offline means.

Survey Information: If you participate in any survey, you will provide certain personal information as part of your response, unless you respond anonymously.

Information that you post: You may provide personal information when you upload sounds to the Platform, or when you post comments, or contribute to community discussions.

Information we collect automatically

There is certain information that we collect automatically as the result of your use of the Platform, or through the use of web analytics services This information includes:

The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device from which you access the Platform (this can sometimes be used to derive the country or city from which you are accessing the Platform)

The site that you visited immediately prior to visiting the Website

The specific actions that you take on the Platform, including the pages that you visit, streaming or downloading sounds, uploading or recording sounds, connecting your Facebook or Google+ account, sharing a track with another user, following or unfollowing another user, joining or leaving a group, posting a comment, or performing a search

Any search terms that you may enter on the Website

The time, frequency and duration of your visits to the Platform

Your browser type and operating system

The nature of the device from which you are accessing the Platform, for example, whether you are accessing the Platform from a personal computer or from a mobile device

Third Party Accounts


BC Radio allows you to sign up and log in using your Facebook account. If you sign up using Facebook, Facebook will ask your permission to share certain information from your Facebook account with BC Radio. This includes your first name, last name, gender, general location, a link to your Facebook profile, your timezone, birthday, profile picture, employment and education information. This information is collected by Facebook and is provided to us under the terms of Facebook's privacy policy . You can control the information that we receive from Facebook using the privacy settings in your Facebook account. If you sign up to BC Radio using Facebook, your BC Radio account will be connected automatically to your Facebook account. Your profile through Facebook login will showcase your account name, profile picture and information regarding your activity on BC Radio, specifically if you comment on any song on BC Radio or you share a song or a playlist on BC Radio, will be shared with Facebook and will be published in your timeline. If you signed up using Facebook by mistake, you can delete your account from the Account page within your Settings at any time, or you can email us at contact@bcradio.in .